Monday, 7 January 2013

So back...

So back from holiday I am. Shorter than expected but still had a nice trip. I managed to make some beautiful bags while away which I will share with you all once I unpack my camera. We picked up some AMAZING items along the way.

 A beautiful free standing lamp $5 Milk create and bottles $5 lots of lovely glass bottles, candlewick, some old doilies and knitting, some wooden stools $2.50 each. Another stool which needs some work and love.
 A pair of old ski's (you never know what we might be doing one winter!!! ) and much much more. In fact the car was so loaded up the chairs had to go on top. And those that know me will understand what I'm talking about. Photos to come don't panic. And lots of work to be done.

And for everyone that asked. "what do you really do with your old bottles?" her is an idea for you all.

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