Wednesday, 25 September 2013

A little bit of crochet

So I've decided it's time to have a few plants around our new house. I thought starting off with some miniatures was a great idea. So away I went yesterday to the garden shop where I found these cute little cactus calling me. But wait I thought....they need some crochet on them. So home they came with a new little pot and I got my crochet hook out. Now they are toasty warm and ready for my new house. I will have these for sale at my next market. And I'm also happy to list one on felt if you would like on posted your way : )

Cute miniature cactus with crochet covers $16 each.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

It's crazy at our house!!!

Moving day is coming up next month during the school holidays. We have brought an amazing house in Laingholm with views to die for. A cool pole house which the kids will love. We are currently working on it, trying to pack, getting ready for Crafternoon Tea on Saturday. And of course sewing. My little break in the day.

So on that note. Just listed on felt are a lot of new crochet cushions. And a

I fart rainbows cushions. I love making these.

Enjoy your night xx

Friday, 13 September 2013

A little bit of this.....

and a little bit of that. My neon cushions are a huge success which is so exciting. I love sewing them. I also really enjoy my adult ones. I poop magic is always a great laugh at the markets

Neon LOVE cushion. You can find all these in my felt store.

A why not make a few more bears while I'm at it. I love making these. Each one is very different and has a cute little vintage/retro badge on it. 

Right I'm off to get the children dinner. Then maybe a little more sewing. 

Monday, 26 August 2013

I'm back!!!

Sorry it's been so long..I've had a really bad run with my health then our house was broken into followed by my car being smashed up (we only had it 5 days!!!) But I'm back into the swing.

I've being making heaps of cushions and they are selling really well. So here we go.

These are available on felt. Just type in sweetmatilda to the search.

Monday, 22 April 2013

What's a good dishcloth between friends??

So I decided I was over spending money on dishclothes in my grocerys. It's just throwing money away really isn't it. I paid a visit to my darling friend Koyal's store a few weeks ago. She has the most amazing 100% cotton all balled up really to go. She had made up a few dishclothes for sale and I thought. Hey why not give it a go. I'm not the best at crocheting squares that's for sure. But finally I think I go it right.

I've used my for 2 weeks now and love it. It does take a few days to get use to the slight thickness but it's beautiful. I have thrashed mine and it still looks like new. Why not make one up yourself or you could always grab one from my felt store. $10 each with free postage. Money well spent I say.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Why hello

Sorry I've been so quite. I've been feeling really unwell so not much is getting done. A few nights in hospital to top it all off and still waiting for a few test to be done. Anyway what have I been doing??

Bunnies at Crafternoon Tea. 

We the last Crafternoon Tea went off really well. Lots of happy customers and even a few sales for me. I managed to make a few bunnies for the market. I really do enjoy making these and even had the time to make my little girl one the other day.

Little Miss Matilda's new bunny. She even helped me make her. Picking the colours, fabric and extra bits that had to go on her.

I got the chance to also make some new cushions before I attended the next market which was Crafternoon Tea vs Love Vintage & Retro. 

Handmade cushions starting from $29. 

We have also had a few exciting things going on at our place. Finally after about a year of being in the works we have had a lovely old cottage put on the corner of our section. I can't wait to dress it ready for sale in a few months. I'm thinking lots of crafty goodness in there.

Here come the house. It arrived at about 3.30am on Tuesday morning. The kids had so much fun watching it come down the road.

Waiting for it's roof to be put back on.


Friday, 8 February 2013

For the love of a jar

Mini chalk jars with duster $5 each. 
Ok I just can't stop working with jars. There is so much you can do with them.

Stuff jar. Made from fabric scraps and stamping. $10 each.

With lids without lids. Good anyway really. Perfect for all bits and bobs. 

Large Love jar $16 each.

And just because it's not all about jars. I made a super cute toodstool cushion today.

Cushion $49