Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Go the sewing machine going today

Vintage apron/wrap overskirt.
Vintage wrap apron/overskirt.

A little bit of pocket love. 
Have a visit with a crafty friend which inspired me to get sewing. It's so hard with the kids running around. I even got to dye some fabrics which I can't wait to share. So one vintage slip dress. Dyed and done

I love how the colour turned on with this slip dress.

This year I've decided not to spend money on labels and make them.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Just a few items

That we have listed on Trademe at the moment. I've decide to sell my sewing table. It needs a nice new home and a bit of love.

Something for the man cave. 

And more that has to be listed. Which I'm sure will go to amazing new homes. 

Monday, 14 January 2013

Ok so one has been done.

I was thinking of making two the same but I'm thinking the next might be bright colours. I'm yet to give it a sand. It's a little shiny for my liking. But I'm on track to getting it done.


So I made a cover last night for one of the two stools I picked up. I will add a photo later in the day when the sun comes up a little more. It's been an early start. But just looking at beautiful crochet work on the internet I thought I would share some photos I found to brighten your day.

It just take one little cushion to change a space. How beautiful is this one. 
Colour, colour and more colour. 
I love the mix of colours in this blanket. 
Now this is my happy place. Crochet rug, wall hangings and a pile of wool. Ahhhh what more could you want.
A great idea for your animal bed. 

What an amazing chair.

Saturday, 12 January 2013


Ok maybe THIS year I will get my wish and get an old caravan to do up. We had a beautiful one a few years back but it needed so much money and time spend on it. I love the idea of pulling up outside the market. Opening the door's and ready to go.

A bit of lamp love for you all. What a cool idea. 

The best bus in the land. Check this darling out.

Friday, 11 January 2013

I love this idea

How cool is this. I might just make one today to stop the door flapping in the wind.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

What we found on holiday

So we came home with a few things. Some chairs which will be great once given a little love. I'm thinking for the stools a light sand (so they are perfect anymore) and a granny circle top. Oh yeah I can see it now. The perfect place to plant your bum. And yes another woolen chair to re covered. Why wouldn't you at $5.

Stool cost $2.50 each. And I just love this chair. Look at all that paint. It's had
a hard life.
I had to lighten my mums candlewick load. I just can't say no to this stuff. And I have so much 
already. I think it will be candlewick cushions for sale this winter. Maybe a mix of colours will bring them to life even more. 

An explosion of colour. Oh what joy these bring me. 

Now this ladder was just calling me from it's hidden little corner. Buy me!!!! Come on buy me!!!
I'm not sure how you will get me home but you have to buy me!!!!! Strap it to the top of the truck that's how. 

This ladder was $5. Why wouldn't you really. These look great as a bedside table,
leaning against a wall with towels on in a bathroom or opened up and used as shelfs.
Why not slide some wood on each level and use as a bookcase.

So it looks like I'm going to be busy over the next few months. Lots of projects to do.


Monday, 7 January 2013

So back...

So back from holiday I am. Shorter than expected but still had a nice trip. I managed to make some beautiful bags while away which I will share with you all once I unpack my camera. We picked up some AMAZING items along the way.

 A beautiful free standing lamp $5 Milk create and bottles $5 lots of lovely glass bottles, candlewick, some old doilies and knitting, some wooden stools $2.50 each. Another stool which needs some work and love.
 A pair of old ski's (you never know what we might be doing one winter!!! ) and much much more. In fact the car was so loaded up the chairs had to go on top. And those that know me will understand what I'm talking about. Photos to come don't panic. And lots of work to be done.

And for everyone that asked. "what do you really do with your old bottles?" her is an idea for you all.