Tuesday, 8 January 2013

What we found on holiday

So we came home with a few things. Some chairs which will be great once given a little love. I'm thinking for the stools a light sand (so they are perfect anymore) and a granny circle top. Oh yeah I can see it now. The perfect place to plant your bum. And yes another woolen chair to re covered. Why wouldn't you at $5.

Stool cost $2.50 each. And I just love this chair. Look at all that paint. It's had
a hard life.
I had to lighten my mums candlewick load. I just can't say no to this stuff. And I have so much 
already. I think it will be candlewick cushions for sale this winter. Maybe a mix of colours will bring them to life even more. 

An explosion of colour. Oh what joy these bring me. 

Now this ladder was just calling me from it's hidden little corner. Buy me!!!! Come on buy me!!!
I'm not sure how you will get me home but you have to buy me!!!!! Strap it to the top of the truck that's how. 

This ladder was $5. Why wouldn't you really. These look great as a bedside table,
leaning against a wall with towels on in a bathroom or opened up and used as shelfs.
Why not slide some wood on each level and use as a bookcase.

So it looks like I'm going to be busy over the next few months. Lots of projects to do.


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