Thursday, 27 December 2012

What I love

So I thought I should share some photos of what I love making. Upcycling clothing is my love, handmade cushions, bags and crochet.

Every good cushion needs a vintage trim. 

My latest love is crochet warmers for my agee jars. These are a huge seller and come in a number of sizes. I even make them in tiny size with pencils for small hands. 

Don't you love the little pixie. She was Xmas present from my love friend Alex from 
Adventures of Alex O & Co. I just love her. 

Pom pom flower love. 

Children's size jar. These can be made in any colour. 

A taste of what I make. 

A stitch here, a stamp there, and wash, love, rebutton and re vamp is what I do.
If only I had more time in the day : )


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