Thursday, 27 December 2012

What I love

So I thought I should share some photos of what I love making. Upcycling clothing is my love, handmade cushions, bags and crochet.

Every good cushion needs a vintage trim. 

My latest love is crochet warmers for my agee jars. These are a huge seller and come in a number of sizes. I even make them in tiny size with pencils for small hands. 

Don't you love the little pixie. She was Xmas present from my love friend Alex from 
Adventures of Alex O & Co. I just love her. 

Pom pom flower love. 

Children's size jar. These can be made in any colour. 

A taste of what I make. 

A stitch here, a stamp there, and wash, love, rebutton and re vamp is what I do.
If only I had more time in the day : )


Saturday, 22 December 2012

I have something in mind for this darling

So most will know my husband runs Love Vintage & Retro Market (and store which we close today) So our market was on yesterday. He got a lovely collection of glasses and plates for our kitchen which I'm very impressed with.

  I ran over while the stall holders packed up and what did I find!!! This darling little wooden stool begging me to buy it. My husband laughed once I said what I found. Not shocked at all with my purchase. So in the kitchen it sits waiting for some time. I'm thinking a granny square cover for the top and a light sand will about do it. I just love the colour. Oh my sweet $5 stool how much do I love you.

Friday, 21 December 2012

The chair.

So my hubby brought this cute chair from Trademe last week. At $6 how could you go wrong. Infact it could be used as it looks now. I love how heavy it is. It's looking like it needs a bit more work on it eg a new cover for yah bum bum. So over the holiday's I will have a little think about what colour it would suit. I'm thinking a pastel pink or yellow?? I we will see how it turns out. The joy of a $6 chair.

So here we go....

My first post. Welcome to my new page. I run Crafternoon Tea in Kingsland Auckland. Home to the best craft people in Auckland. My business name is Sweet Matilda where I upcycle womans cothing and homewear. I LOVE my jobs and can't wait to run my market each month or sit behind my sewing machine. So my Op shopping. I'm lucky in the fact that my husband also enjoys this activity.

  I get such a buzz finding great treasures. Just the other day I got myself a 50 cent pair of jeans which fit like a glove. I would like to share with you all my shopping tips. Outfit idea's and what to look for. At the moment I love the colour Coral. I picked up a $5 top in this lovely colour from Cotton On and it's going to look amazing with my new jeans. I get so many idea's from my favourite shows on TV. I love Offspring and just love the way Nina dresses. So as I'm about Op shopping I think about how amazing she looks. Scarfs!!!! (my one must have) a few (yes you can wear more than one) necklaces and layers are her key looks. I just love her Boho look. So onward and upward. Bringing unwanted items back to life. A stitch here a wash and iron there. Away we go. Saving the world one Op shop at a time.

I have been know to wear two scarfs at once! Call me crazy but why not. 

Check this little darling out. $2 and the colour is amazing. It might one day serve it's purpose and I will get breakfast in bed. (I live in hope)

My new passion is Crochet. Mum taught me years ago but her living in another town hasn't helped with my learning skills. So I took up a class with my darling friend Natalie from Poppy & Bee. 
Safe to say I crochet anything I can get my hands on now. 

My love for Agee Jars is growing everyday. I have a number around my house. They are perfect for anything really. Flowers, cotton, knitting needles (even thought I don't knit at present) the list goes on and on. The lamp in this picture was brought a few years ago. While on holiday I gave it a lick of paint and wrapped it up for my hubby. What a great find at $2.

I hope you will enjoy my joy of op shopping with me.